august 12, 2014

new york city was extra cloudy and picturesque today


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Disneyland - California Adventure | July, 2014

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It could mean that you’re in danger

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{TB Talks TV} Teen Wolf Review: “Perished”



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Finally! Some plot advancement, which came in the form of revealing the long-awaited identity of the Benefactor. And the answer is…well, it’s an answer. But we’ll get to that.

Dear Deputy Parish wakes up in his squad car; bound to the steering wheel (been there, amirite?) as one of his fellow Deputies pours gasoline all over the car. Yep, this guy knows about the Deadpool as well and wants to make some cash off of it. And frankly, who doesn’t at this point?  This can’t end well, especially considering this show’s history with fire. And that’s the end of the show arc for Deputy Parish…

Yeah right. The dude is on the List – he’s got some sort of special power and now we know that power includes surviving an inferno. Though we still don’t know what brand of supernatural he is. Parish strolls into the Sheriff’s station, charred and pissed (and naked), to beat the shit out of Hague, the guy who lit him up. Accidental gunfire hits the Sheriff, who really doesn’t need another hospital bill or a gunshot wound.

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